Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Facial Reflexology is the most powerful complementary health therapy I have  encountered in 30 years in the wellness and beauty industry. Here are some of the comments from our clients who have received a personalised facial reflexology session for the first time:

“I slept through the night for the first time in ages”
“My head feels clearer”
“My brain fog is lifted”
“My stomach bloating is gone”
“My eyes are whiter”
“My mood has really improved”
“My eyes don’t feel tired since my treatment"
“My skin and eyes are glowing”

We have also had outstanding success with courses of treatment addressing issues such as PMS, menopausal symptoms, poor sleep and digestive issues such as bloating and constipation. 

Train In New Modalities To Enhance Your Current Treatments Or Begin A Rewarding New Career.

I am honoured to partner with the Lone Sorensen International Reflexology School to become their authorised education partner for Ireland (and beyond!).


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