Neuro Reflex Therapy For Mental Clarity & Calm

Clear your mind, make better decisions and lose the usual stress response to external triggers.


Introducing a brand new neuro facial reflexology treatment to help you achieve mental clarity and calm. This is a  deeply peaceful treatment protocol combining advanced neuro facial reflexology techniques with healing practices from around the world including ancient Tibetan and Indian methods to help you manage your mind, thought processes and stress responses.

This is the one for you where the primary issue is your mindset, not a physical or emotional issue.

Access to consciousness is more about the self, your mindset, how you respond and regulate to your life circumstances and everyday stimuli, stresses and situations. The issues are not physical but mind-related, including overthinking, loss of clarity and a chaotic-feeling thought process.

Designed to help with stress response/regulation:

  • Clarity of thought
  • Racing mind
  • Easily stressed by external situations
  • Problems setting/reaching goals
  • Difficulty with decision making
  • Attention span / Easily distracted
  • Loss of focus
  • Overthinking / analysis paralysis
  • Difficulty connecting with your inner self / true nature / sense of purpose

Employing specific sequences of movements, unblocking nerve pathways on stuck areas, stimulating and regulating specific brain areas, nerve points and meridians, this unique technique releases negative emotional patterns and establishes clear, freely moving neurological impulses to help take back control of thought processes and responses.

Your treatment plan is personalised to reflect your particular area of concern and the emotional and neurological blocks already present in your system.

Using gentle stimulation and regulation of areas of the face and scalp, nerve points, emotional processing centres and meridians are brought into balance.

While you will feel deeply relaxing and restorative benefits from the first treatment, it is recommended to have a course of treatments weekly for deeper results. The number of treatments will depend on how long the issue has been bothering you but a minimum of 4 should be expected.  Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes (allow extra time for your first treatment).

Available in Ireland only from Mariga.

Check your health insurance policy, you may be covered for these treatments under reflexology/complementary health benefit. We are affiliated with VHI, LAYA and Irish Life Health.


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