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Trauma Therapy Now Available As Part Of Our Reflex Wellness Suite Of Treatments

  • Achieve peace of mind
  • Feel more at ease in social situations
  • Clear old traumas that are holding you back
  • Boost self confidence
  • Control panic attacks
  • Help clear phobias
  • Control mood swings
  • Manage PTSD

One of my biggest incentives in upleveling my neuro reflexology skills was to be able to help people on a deeper level, to go more than skin deep and help heal emotional disturbances that have consciously or subconsciously embedded themselves in our cellular memory and affect many everyday things from peace of mind to triggers or phobias and even how we look. Traumas ranging from everyday aversions to social situations to deeper situational traumas can be effectively managed or cleared with Neuro Reflex Trauma Therapy.

Past traumas stay in our body as cell memory, causing energetic blocks in our system which can lead to both physical and emotional problems.

Specialised techniques of neuro facial reflexology find and clears these blocks in systems, organs, cells, nerves and muscles to promote physical health and a healthy mind.

Traumas range from smaller emotional upsets to major life catastrophes and each of us process them in different ways depending on our personalities.

The memories of trauma are stored in a part of the brain called the amygdala. Over time this structure can become overloaded and we may find it harder to cope with even small inconveniences.

Clearing the amygdala and removing energy blockages are the main aims of trauma therapy, enabling us to achieve an easier mind and better coping mechanisms.

Traumas can be something that we think of every day causing grief, anger or any strong emotion which affects the daily life, or can be a forgotten or suppressed event. In either case the treatment will be effective as the physical manifestations in the vital systems will be the same. 

From daily fears and phobias to specific deep rooted trauma, this therapy can be adapted for all situations. While benefits can sometimes be felt from the first session, I recommend initially considering an intensive course of four treatments taken weekly to effect the greatest change and lasting results. 

Note: It is normal to feel a range of emotions as you go through trauma course. Vivid dreaming is normal as the brain chemistry balances and your brain processes trauma release.

 Keeping your emotions healthily balanced is a huge factor in keeping physical health.

Clearing stored trauma memory is a huge part of overall health management.

Trauma Release Reflex therapy is a method that consists of stimulating different areas and points of micro-systems on the face, scalp and feet to release trauma and emotions stored in the body’s cell memory, in the limbic system and the amygdala.

With Neuro Reflex Therapy, it is possible to reach a completely relaxed state and find inner peace.

Helps you to reach deep relaxation to a level of meditative state. This will help to regulate breathing and the heartbeat and help the body to release emotional toxins as old traumas stored in both in the conscious and subconscious mind.

With Trauma Neuro Reflex Therapy, the body and brain's hormonal levels will regulate the neurobiological process and balance neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine and release anti-stress hormones.

When the balance of the internal chemistry is normal, you will feel in peace with your body, mind and soul. Thanks to that, you will regain energy to be able to control your world again, feel sharp, clear and focused. The method can be used for children, adolescents, adults and elderly to help with:



-Emotional Imbalances

-Mental Dysfunction



-Eating Disorders

-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The method I have studied with the Lone Sorensen Institute teaches is based in various microsystems with scientific studies behind: Dr. Yamamoto (YNSA), Japan; Dr. Castillo Morales, Argentina; Dr. Wong, USA; Dr. Chau, Vietnam; Maria Perez, Argentina; Dr. J. Bossy, France.

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