Facial Reflexology in Woman's Way

Facial Reflexology in Woman's Way Magazine


My Neuro Facial Reflex Therapy treatment was featured in Woman’s Way magazine this month. Journalist Niamh O’ Reilly, wanted to try Facial Reflexology for as she was searching for a self-care and wellness treatment she hadn't tried before to help with muscle tightness, back pain, fatigue and anxiety. She didn't like the idea of foot reflexology as she’s not really a fan of people touching her feet, so she researched if facial reflexology was a possibility. She found our great reviews online for Facial Reflexology and got in touch right away.

As she details in her article, Niamh loved her neuro facial reflexology treatment and has followed up to let us know that it has helped her so much with her back pain and energy right from the first treatment, with a bonus side effect of glory and soft skin! I recommended Niamh to book in for a follow up treatment to further maintain her results. See the full review by clocking to enlarge the pic above.

It is brilliant that the Sorensensistem™ method of Neuro Facial Reflex Therapy that we do here in our Facial Reflexology by Mariga clinic is getting a lot of recognition for the amazing benefits that this wellness treatment can offer to clients. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to have an impact on people’s quality of life.

Learn more about this fantastic treatment and book a session online HERE. and don’t forget to check your health insurance policy to see if it is covered too!


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