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The most popular beauty treatment by far in our clinic these days is the Japanese Facelift and with results like these you can see why!

This client has just completed her initial course of 6 weekly treatments and is thrilled with her results and very kindly offered to let me use some of her before & after photos for others to see what is achievable with a natural facelift technique.

I use (and teach) only the Sorensen Method of Japanese Facelift. Created by Lone Sorensen, the world's leading neuro reflexologist, this method takes classical Japanese facelifting techniques and blends them with elements of neuro facial reflexology to enhance the results and give a deep wellness element to the treatment as all the body's systems are boosted through stimulating the facial nerves and reflexes.

The treatment is an hour-long deeply relaxing experience which focuses on lifting and sculpting the facial muscles and connective tissue and results on skin lifting, brightening and firming can often be seen from the very first treatment. All products used are natural, organic and nourishing to your skin.

This is suitable as a single treatment before an event for a quick pep-up of the skin and eyes (they always shine so brightly after the session), as your regular monthly anti-ageing skin treatment, or in an intensive series as this lady had, for revision work on existing lines and wrinkles.

We also reviewed and replaced her existing homecare for something simpler and more targeted to enhance her results. I wanted to incorporate a retinol derivative to further soften lines, and a barrier supporting product to strengthen the skin so we decided on Overnight Repair Cream for night time use and Lipid Repair Concentrate for using during the day under an SPF30 moisturiser.

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