Facial Reflexology The Full Education

In-person training is available in Ireland with Mariga for Neuro Facial Reflexology - The Full Education.

Facial Reflexology - The Full Education

Begin a brand new career or elevate your current holistic skillset with this comprehensive facial reflexology education.

This is a full education in Neuro Facial Reflexology, Sorensensistem ™

Following the successful completion of all 5 modules along with test cases and continuous assessment, students will be awarded a diploma in Facial Reflexology from the Sorensen International Reflexology Institute. This diploma is recognised worldwide.

Suitable for beginners in holistic therapy, or those who are already holistic therapists/reflexologists who want to expand their knowledge and explore an effective new therapy to add to their skills.

This course will give you a full theoretical and practical knowledge of the therapy and you will be qualified to work with this method on completion. 

Neuro Reflexology is based in the Tibetan tradition, working from the foundation that all unbalances in the body begin in the central nervous system. By learning to balance, manipulate and regulate all the body organs, structures and systems from this viewpoint, we can release blockages in the nervous system that are contributing to weakness in any area of health and wellbeing.

As well as traditional Tibetan reflexology, the original Sorensen method of facial reflexology combines practices from other reflexology cultures around the world including South American, Vietnamese and Oriental healing traditions with modern neuroscience to result in an incredibly comprehensive and effective therapy.

The course consists of 5 modules of 2 days each. Cost is €750 per module - total €3750

Module 1 & 2 taken together over 4 consecutive days

Module 3 & 4 taken together over 4 consecutive days

Module 5  - 2 days

After each in-person training week, the student practices and perfects the lessons in the module(s) over several weeks before going on to the next.

Modules 1 & 2 comprise the seven basic steps of neuro facial reflexology and give you already a new protocol that you can use both in practice and in your treatment room. These modules teach you the skills to identify the origin of any illness or unbalance and begin treating from the cause.

Modules 3 & 4 introduce new techniques to further increase the ability of the therapist to work in a  deeper and completely personalised way with any issue presented. These modules build on the basic treatment learned in Modules 1 & 2 and focus on managing/relieving current symptoms and blockages.

Module 5 focuses on strengthening the therapist’s skills in creating the most effective treatment plans for each individual and combining the new skills in the most effective manner.

In-person training is given by Mariga Sheedy, the only authorised instructor for Sorensen Original Method Facial Reflexology in Ireland.

Dates are arranged between the instructor and the student for mutually suitable times – dates for all modules will be set at the beginning of your course. All lessons will be held at our facility in Wexford Town. (Currently there are dates available to take this education in the second half of 2024).


Course Detail:

Module 1 Content:

The history of reflexology

The structure of the method of micro systems

Analysis method

Step 1,2,3 base system

Step 1 NP Points

Step 2 Aboriginal Method

Step 3 Vietnamese method

Module 2 Content:

The history of oriental medicine

The theory of oriental medicine

How to use the oriental medicine

The individual meridians


Plexus Balancing

Cranial Lines & Points

Module 3 Content:

Learn about nerve points (Vietnamese / Dien Chan)

Learn to create plans using nerve points

Learn Castillo Muscle Stimulation

Module 4 Content:

Learn about the intestinal Link & endocrine system

Learn Colon Link Method

Learn Yamamoto microsystems & method

Module 5 Content

Learn pain treatment method

Organising treatment plans

Advanced treatment plans

Student Testimonials

"Thank you so much Mariga for teaching such an amazing course. It is now my favourite treatment to do."

"Thank you for an amazing 2 days Mariga. It's wonderful to train with someone as knowledgeable and passionate as yourself. And fantastic to meet all the ladies. Much love and luck to you all."

"Thank you so much for being a wonderful teacher. I am so happy to meet you."

"Hello, I attended the Irish Japanese Facelift course with Mariga in May 2023. What an incredible course and incredible instructor. I learned so much and truly enjoyed the style of training. This course is wonderful and I have started my practice case studies in my beautiful garden because the weather is lovely. Had to let you know how wonderful a teacher Mariga was!"

Thank you so much to my students for your lovely comments and positive feedback after your training course. I very much appreciate it, Mariga x

Owner of the International Institute Lone Sorensen, teacher, therapist, author and public speaker. Award winner.

The Sorensen School has trained more than 18,000 professionals in the Original method of Neuro Reflexology Therapy.

Facial Reflexology Therapy® is a wonderful technique Lone has used for more than 40 years to get her clients amazing results.

Successfully completing the Diploma in Facial Reflexology Therapy will qualify you to work as a highly trained professional practitioner all over the world.

It will also ensure that you have the skills to be successful in setting up and running your own practice.


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