Divine Feminine Timing

Divine Feminine Timing


You are probably familiar with the concept of Yin and Yang - the idea that everything has an opposite and the whole are connected to form a complete flow.

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that everything can be categorised into either Yin (divine feminine energy) or Yang (divine masculine energy).

This concept also applies to time of day, and the early morning and up to noon is the time of Yin or divine feminine.

For this reason I especially recommend scheduling your Sacred Reflexology time in the morning if possible to deepen the experience.

Interestingly I myself have always preferred giving treatments in the morning. I always felt that I could do a ‘better’ treatment for my clients early in the morning, even though the practical steps are exactly the same no matter what time of day I work.

Learning about Yin timing really helped me understand the difference I was feeling was down to the presence of divine feminine energy which I was unconsciously tapping into to bring an added element of intuitive healing to my treatments. Why not try scheduling your next reflexology treatment before your work day starts to feel how you can carry that divine positive energy through your day.


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