Enhanced Japanese Facelift

Enhanced Japanese Facelift


The Japanese Facelift has rapidly become your favourite hands-on facial.

Although there are great skin benefits in this fabulous treatment such as boosted nutrition and hydration from the stimulated blood flow, it is intended to be a muscle and connective tissue sculpting treatment to lift and reshape the facial contours, rather than a skin treatment.

So to expand on this treatment and bring it from a connective tissue and muscle sculpting facial to a combined skincare treatment we are expanding the Japanese protocol to a suite of targeted treatments to target skin issues as well as laxity. 

The first of these new enhanced Japanese Facelifts to launch is the Organic Mineral Skin Booster options.

This includes a full classic Japanese Facelift with an added skincare element. A blend of organic minerals, botanical extracts, natural clays and oils will be chosen for your skin type or concerns such as anti-redness, congestion, oil balancing or thinning skin, elevating your results and enhancing your facial experience.

This new facial is available to book now with Anna.

It takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes and is €135


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