Facial Reflexology Emotional Balancing For Inner Peace

Emotional Balancing For Inner Peace And A Calmer Mind


Past emotions and experiences stay in our body as cell memory, causing energetic blocks in our system which can lead to both physical and emotional problems.

Specialised techniques of facial reflexology find and clears these blocks in systems, organs, cells, nerves and muscles to promote physical health and a healthy mind.

Emotional upsets are part of everyday life experience and each of us process them in different ways depending on our personalities. For some they are shaken off and forgotten in a short time, for others they stay in our minds and we worry and analyse them over and over.

Negative emotional experiences and habits are stored in a part of the brain called the amygdala. Over time this structure can become overloaded and we may find it harder to cope with even small inconveniences.

Clearing the amygdala and removing energy blockages are the main aims of emotional balancing therapy, enabling us to achieve peace of mind and better coping mechanisms.

Imagine being able to address any problem that comes up in your day with a calm response instead of a snap reaction, that is what you can achieve with emotional balancing facial reflexology. The chemistry of the brain is cleared and balanced to literally give you the mental space to process life in a calmer, more peaceful manner.

Anyone can benefit from this very special treatment which takes approximately an hour to complete, working on both face and feet. If you are very overwhelmed or have been feeling emotionally stressed over a long period of time I would recommend having four treatments, one per week, to clear old blocks and get you on track.

I really look forward to sharing this beautiful technique with you.

Mariga x

p.s. remember, if you have health insurance you may be able to avail of a rebate on these treatments depending on your policy. We work with VHI, LAYA and Irish Life Health insurers.


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