The Mind-Body Connection

How Your Thoughts Affect Your State Of Health


Thoughts are things… are what you think…..

You may be familiar with some of those sayings, but what do they actually mean? How can a thought be a thing?

While we may intuitively know it is true that when we focus on the bright side of things we feel better, is it more than imagination? If you’re like me, you like to know the why and how of things, it makes me more likely to adopt a practice if I understand it well.

This, for me, is where learning about neuro reflex therapy and traditional Tibetan medicine theory really resonated with me. It works, but I know WHY it works. 

Have you ever been in bed at night and thought you heard someone downstairs? If so, you will know how fast your body and brain react to such a perceived threat. Your heart rate raises, your body produces adrenaline that floods your system in an instant preparing you for action, you may begin to sweat, your hearing goes into overdrive. Now, all these reactions in the body happen in less than a second in response to a THOUGHT. There isn’t really someone downstairs, you just thought there was, but your brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined so it reacts the same.

This is a dramatic example to illustrate how a thought becomes a thing, in this case, the thing is adrenaline. Your brain produced a chemical reaction, that you could measure in your blood stream, in direct response to a thought.

Under normal circumstances we are built to process these fight or flight responses and your hormone levels will balance out again after a few minutes after a fright. This is true for any intense emotion. 

Problems arise when we are subjected to continuous stresses, not allowing our body to rebalance and process the resulting hormonal/chemical surge before the next one hits. The resulting overload of substances begin to accumulate somewhere in our system, eventually leading to a physical illness and the symptoms you feel every day. With neuro facial reflex therapy we can find where in your body these blockages have occurred and begin the process of releasing them.

On a less obvious level, this is happening all the time. Every thought you have is monitored by your brain/body system and chemical reactions are happening all the time in response. Daily unresolved small worries, negative thinking patterns or a tendency to look on the worst side of a situation eventually fills up the emotional processing centre of the brain (remember it is small, designed only for intermittent use in a threatening situation). The result you will feel of this overload is 

  • an inability to make decisions quickly
  • loss of clarity of thought, losing your train of thought
  • irritability
  • a sense of loss of connection with others
  • questioning your abilities in work
  • loss of sense of self, or sense of purpose
  • dispiritedness
  • chaotic, overwhelming mind activity 

Neuro Reflex Therapy is uniquely placed to help resolve the physical, mental and emotional blockages that occur as a consequence of overloading the body’s natural ability to balance itself.

Having it’s base in traditional Tibetan medicine means that the majority of the work is focused on applying stimulation to nerve endings on the skin which have a direct affect on the areas of the brain and body that we want to support/regulate.

It can be used in many ways - here are some of the most common in my treatment room:

Mental clarity and calm- one of my favourite protocols to work with, this is applied in a gentle, soothing rhythm to specific points and areas of the face and scalp. Perfect for those who are feeling overwhelmed by external stresses to help you form a better mental, emotional and physical response to daily pressures.

Personalised Neuro Facial Reflexology - all the body and brain systems are regulated then a specific treatment is applied for your particular physical issues. From sciatica to migraine, all kinds of pain or problem can be treated. Treated mainly from reflex points and areas of the face, some treatment on hands, feet or scalp may be included depending on the issue at hand.

Neuro Facial Reflexology Wellbeing Boost - when you are well in general and want a relaxing, beneficial therapy to keep all your body and mind systems in great working order, preventing the build of blockages which would cause problems down the line. This is a shorter treatment than the personalised one above, perfect for self care and wellness.

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If you have health insurance, do check your policy to see if reflexology is covered, you may well get a rebate on your facial or foot reflexology with me. I am currently affiliated with VHI, LAYA and Irish Life Health.


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