Foot Reflexology - Which One Is Best For You?

There are many styles of foot reflexology - here are some of the ones I practice and when is best to choose each.


I started my career in holistic therapies over 30 years ago and have been a qualified foot reflexologist for 25 years! Of all the holistic therapies I have practiced over the years, reflexology has always been my favourite therapy both to do and to have done on myself. From deep relaxation through to emotional balancing and general wellness, it has such a powerful impact through the whole body and mind systems. While I do more facial reflexology these days, I still love to do a classic foot reflexology session on my clients to help in your wellness journey. Have as a stand-alone treatment or add to your facial appointment for a real treat!

Here are the main types of foot reflexology that I practice and what each is best to choose for:

Classic Foot reflexology

Classic Foot Reflexology - gentle touch, focused on balancing the body’s energies to facilitate the best environment in the body for healing and balance. Choose this one for relaxation and general wellness.

Neuro Foot Reflexology

A deeper touch, focusing on regulating all the body systems with an added focus on your specific health issue. It can be considered a therapeutic approach, focusing on and using the  nerve network to access problem areas around the body.

Tibetan Foot Reflexology For Depression

A specialised application of neuro foot reflexology aimed at regulating the body chemistry help manage symptoms of depression. Can be taken individually as a relaxation/mood boosting treat or in a series for a deeper, longer-lasting result or as part of your overall mental wellness support.

Specialist Foot Protocols - when doing hormonal balancing or trauma therapy, both face and feet are included in the protocol in order to work both extremities of the particular nerve paths involved. Also if you are having facial reflexology for a spinal, joint or postural issue such as sciatica I will sometimes find it useful to also add some spinal manipulation through the feet to enhance your results.

I look forward to seeing you in the treatment room soon and being a part of your wellness journey.

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