Neuro Reflexology For Emotional Empowerment

Neuro Reflexology For Emotional Empowerment


Stress, overwhelm, lack of confidence in your choices, feeling guilty.

These are all debilitating emotional states that are very common among women in our society. Social conditioning has taught us that we should be nurturers, carers, putting other people's needs and opinions above our own. While it is a beautiful thing to nurture and care for others, it should not come at the expense of fulfilling your full life's potential, whatever that looks like for you. 

It is entirely possible to hold on to the caring side of your nature without sacrificing all of your other emotional needs. As the saying goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup, and this is exactly what we try to do, leading to burnout, physical illness and emotional/mental chaos. 

Trying to be all things to all people quickly drains our energetic life force, leaving us tired, irritable, and snapping at the very people/circumstances that we are most trying to care for. Now we have another thing to feel guilty about!

These emotions, fears, beliefs that we all carry around with us manifest in blockages in the energetic channels in our body and can be detected as physical deposits in various parts of the body (I find them particularly easy to detect via facial or foot reflexology). These physical deposits impact the organs, glands and structures relating to their position and will show up as physical symptoms eventually. 

By exploring and finding the original energetic blockages which lead to physical and emotional imbalances, via neuro reflexology, I help women to connect with their true selves, releasing fears and the physical symptoms associated with them along the way. Resetting the energetic flow of the body allows you to ‘start over’ and fully embody your unique self with confidence, peace and vitality.

This is a journey that I have experienced myself and via meditation, neuro-reflexology and mindset work I have found my way to achieve balance in my mental and emotional aspects. For me this has meant better sleep, a more balanced and calm approach to life’s events, and a zero tolerance approach to drama whether my own or someone else’s, who has time for that? Of course, life is always a work in progress but laying the foundations for a calmer, more balanced journey will keep us all healthier, more fulfilled by life and able to cope better with whatever comes along.

Neuro reflexology is one of the tools that has profoundly changed my understanding and treatment of the interconnectedness of mind and body and I am so happy to be able to share it with you to help facilitate your best experience of your unique life path both physically and emotionally.

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