Neuro Reflex Therapy Awareness Week

Neuro Reflex Therapy Awareness Week


Updated 28/09/2022

Neuro Reflex Therapy Week 20th to 27th Sept

We are celebrating World reflexology week from 20th to 27th Sept. This is an opportunity for those of us in the reflexology space to connect, share insights and experiences and further our education on any specialist reflexology applications. It is also a week where we raise awareness of the benefits of reflexology with the world to help to bring this beautiful health supporting therapy to a wider audience.

I have decided to use the opportunity of this focus week to highlight my favourite type of reflexology - Neuro Reflex Therapy - as it is in my opinion the best application of reflexology techniques in the world, combining as it does the traditions of thousands of years of reflexology techniques from around the world with a modern application of neuro science to pinpoint and treat illness at its source. Neuro reflex therapy is a fantastic way to naturally support healing in the body and can be used for any health issue whether physical, mental or emotional.

Note: Neuro Reflex Therapy is intended to support you in your wellness journey and act as a complement to your medical treatments. It is not intended to diagnose or replace conventional medical advice or treatment.


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