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Reflexology is one of the most relaxing and restorative experiences you can treat yourself to when you are looking for some self-care or me-time.

To make sure that you are getting the very best one for your needs and preference take a look at the different types on offer with Mariga below:

Over the years I have learned many different types of foot reflexology. Each is very valid as a treatment option but I have found that for me as a therapist there are particular techniques that lend themselves better to one concern over another.

A lovely classic foot reflexology treatment for relaxation and a general well-being boost to all of the body systems and organs.

Relaxing, immune-boosting and mood-balancing, this technique is based around Chinese meridianology and balances the energy centres of the body and mind. Highly recommended as a self-care treat!

Pressure: light & medium pressures used to balance meridians and energy centres.

Price: €80. Book treatment HERE.

Therapeutic Neuro Foot Reflexology

A super-personalised complementary therapy to help with all aspects of your health management. First, a full system neuro-foot reflexology is performed to balance the energies and meridians then a super-personalised segment further addresses any particular issues you are having with your health or emotions.

Pressure: a deep, firm pressure is used to regulate and stimulate systems and nerve endings.

Price: €120. Book treatment HERE.

Sacred Energy Chakra Balancing Foot Reflexology

Sacred reflexology is a foot reflexology protocol created to help uplift your energetic vibrations, bringing about a sense of balance, calm and peace to your emotions.

Light, rhythmic movements are applied to specific energy points and zones of the feet to gently release stagnant energy in the body and re-establish free-flowing harmony and connections between the heart and brain, the physical and the emotional, dissolving negative or sluggish emotional blockages that can leave you feeling tired, stuck or in a low mood.

In this intuitive treatment, a safe, comforting space is created for you to release negative emotions that may be holding you back from full expression and enjoyment of your authentic self and helps you tap into your higher consciousness. You are supported to explore and release emotional blockage or stagnation to restore a clear heart, clear mind and uplifted outlook.

Pressure: this is mostly a light-touch pressure to gently rebalance energy lines and fields.

Price: €95. Book treatment HERE.


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