Intensive Reflexology TreatmentCourse For Specific Outcomes

Intensive Reflexology Course For Specific Outcomes


Facial reflexology course for specific outcomes:

There are many ways to harness the powerful wellness benefits of reflexology (foot or face). It can be a regular/monthly part of your self-care to keep your body’s systems boosted, this is particularly good as regards the digestive and immune systems. You can take three or four sessions over three to four weeks to target a specific short-term problem such as after an illness, a time of particular stress or a short-term joint or back issue.

For longer-term issues that have been bothering you for some time such as chronic illness, inflammatory joint or muscle problems, hormonal disturbance or emotional upsets, it will be beneficial to have an intensive course of 10 treatments to deeply treat the issue.

The full protocol only needs to be done once per week, so if attending 3 times per week that would be one full hour session and two half hour booster sessions per week.

A course of ten done close together then would have 4 full hours and 6 half hours.

In this case, we can approach the treatments a little differently. It usually takes at least an hour to do the full protocol but this is only necessary once per week. If you can have three treatments a week it will only be necessary to have the full hour once, then two half hour booster treatments in the same week. So in a course of 10 we would do four full protocols and six booster treatments to achieve the maximum outcome, saving you time and money over ten full sessions at one per week.

  • Week 1: one full hour and 2 x 30 minute booster sessions
  • Week 2: one full hour and 2 x 30 minute booster sessions
  • Week 3: one full hour and 2 x 30 minute booster sessions
  • Week 4: one full hour session

Note: This protocol must be followed exactly to achieve best results in a short time. If a session is missed we must start again with the full treatment.

(Don’t forget to check your health insurance policy if you have one – many will directly refund you a portion of reflexology expenses!)

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