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We Never Treat A Symptom In Isolation


To really get to the heart of any physical or emotional issue with Neuro Facial Reflexology, we view the body and mind as the whole, interconnected set of systems it is. As nice as it would be, there is no one point or area that being stimulated, pressed or rubbed will clear your symptoms, much less address the cause.

For example - thyroid symptoms.

When treating to help support and regulate thyroid function, we never treat the thyroid - or any gland - in isolation. 

In the example of thyroid, the first structure involved in the chain is the hypothalamus which secretes a hormone that is read by the pituitary gland. This in turn secretes a hormone which is taken through the bloodstream to the thyroid to tell it to switch on or off. Also involved in the process of converting hormones to messengers is the liver - all the substances made by your glands are sent first to the liver for processing into a usable end product.

As you can see from the above example, simply stimulating/calming the thyroid gland is only one part of the process. To achieve regulation from the cause, not just the symptom, we would need to treat all the organs and glands involved in the chain of events. 

In my Neuro Facial Reflexology treatments I never attempt to treat one symptom in isolation as this is such a small part of the overall. I begin each treatment with a thorough stimulation of every gland, organ, structure and system in the body to prepare, before moving on to additional treatment of everything involved with your specific issue.

Your body stores every event, thought, disease and emotion and where these are stored affects how your personal wellness proceeds. By reading via micro maps on the face where your areas of blockages are, the correct plan can be made for maximum results. 

Before your first Neuro Facial Reflexology session I do a thorough consultation to achieve a detailed understanding of your symptoms, then this knowledge is added to what I find during manual analysis, and the treatment proceeds from there in completely personalised steps. No two people have the same health and wellbeing history and it follows that no two people need the exact same treatment. As your symptoms clear we can then adapt your treatments to your current needs.


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