Face Reading- How Your Face Tells Your Emotional Story

Emotional Reading, Cleansing And Healing


Emotional cleansing with facial reflexology

Your body keeps a record of everything you feel, experience or think.

With emotional healing facial reflexology I can read your emotional past and current situation from your facial meridians, nerve paths and micromaps.

It is clear from this hands-on and intuitive process where in your mind/body systems emotional blockage is causing problems and I can begin to clear your emotional roadblocks, even before they manifest physically.

This will allow you to achieve an understanding of your emotional triggers, feel more in control of your emotional responses and develop a calm mental state with peace of mind as your default setting.

Everything we experience, feel and think in the course of our life leaves traces in cell memory, thought patterns and triggered behaviours. Some of this serves us throughout our life (think of a child learning not to touch the hot cooker) but most does not. Yet, negative experiences that we have long left behind still clog up our emotional storage centre (the limbic system and amygdala structures of the brain) and eventually this will fill up and overflow leading to lack of clarity, reaction instead of response and a general chaos of mind. Over time this will lead to physical symptoms too. 

Everyone has a different life story and a different tolerance for negativity so how long it will take to see and feel the effects of negativity overload varies from person to person.

With emotional healing facial reflexology I can read where in your mind/body systems emotional healing is causing problems and begin to clear blockages, even before they manifest physically.

From everyday negative thought patterns and the ‘bad news’ society, through to remembered or unremembered emotional trauma, the advanced facial reflexology techniques of clearing the physical blocks in the body created by emotional overload combined with intuitive energetic healing can reset your mind, brain and body to a better, calmer, lighter place.


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