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April is National Stress Awareness Month


April is National Stress Awareness month and because we see many symptoms of stress in our clients, we wanted to share with you how neuro reflexology can help manage these symptoms that stress can cause in the mind and body.

 Looking for some self-care or me-time?


Reflexology is one of the most relaxing and restorative experiences you can treat yourself to when you are looking for some self-care or me-time.

Over the years I have learned many different types of foot reflexology. Each is very valid as a treatment option but I have found that for me as a therapist there are particular techniques that lend themselves better to one concern over another.

Facial Reflexology in Woman's Way Magazine


My Neuro Facial Reflex Therapy treatment was featured in Woman’s Way magazine this month. Journalist Niamh O’ Reilly, wanted to try Facial Reflexology for as she was searching for a self-care and wellness treatment she hadn't tried before to help with muscle tightness, back pain, fatigue and anxiety. She didn't like the idea of foot reflexology as she’s not really a fan of people touching her feet, so she researched if facial reflexology was a possibility. She found our great reviews online for Facial Reflexology and got in touch right away.

Emotional Reading, Cleansing And Healing


Emotional cleansing with facial reflexology. Your body keeps a record of everything you feel, experience or think. With emotional healing facial reflexology I can read your emotional past and current situation from your facial meridians, nerve paths and micromaps.

Benefits Of Japanese Facelift


So much more than just a facial, Japanese Facelift is a deep muscle and connective tissue sculpting treatment.

During an hour of deeply relaxing hands-on manipulation using natural, organic oils, serums and creams, your facial contours are sharpened, puffiness reduced and your natural glow reawakened. You will leave feeling and looking refreshed and energised but that’s not all!

Calm The Mind For Gentler Emotional Responses 


Emotional Balancing Neuro Reflexology:

Performed on the face and feet, emotional balancing neuro reflexology is a speciality treatment created to bring about a sense of inner calm, peace of mind and improve day to day coping skills for those who are feeling overwhelmed, out of balance or out of control of their emotional responses.

Emotional Balancing For Inner Peace And A Calmer Mind


Past emotions and experiences stay in our body as cell memory, causing energetic blocks in our system which can lead to both physical and emotional problems.

Specialised techniques of facial reflexology find and clears these blocks in systems, organs, cells, nerves and muscles to promote physical health and a healthy mind.

Help Regulate Blood Sugar & Insulin Secretions


There are four main types of diabetes mellitus (DM), in this particular treatment protocol we are focusing only on types 1 & 2 along with pre-diabetes. 

This month sees the annual World Diabetes Day which is marked every year on 14th November in a global effort to raise awareness of the escalating health threat posed by diabetes. In addition to those already diagnosed with the condition, many people destined to develop type 2 diabetes can spend years in a state of pre-diabetes.


Trauma Therapy Now Available As Part Of Our Reflex Wellness Suite Of Treatments

  • Achieve peace of mind
  • Feel more at ease in social situations
  • Clear old traumas that are holding you back
  • Boost self confidence
  • Control panic attacks
  • Help clear phobias
  • Control mood swings
  • Manage PTSD

Neuro Reflex Therapy Awareness Week


 We are planning a massive celebration of Neuro Reflexology Awareness Week at Facial Reflexology by Mariga. We will be hosting live demos across our social media platforms, as well as hosting a range of promotions both in our Wexford clinic and here online at

September Treatment Specials


We love Autumn, and no better month to begin this cosy Season then to launch our relaxing and wellness treatment specials at Skin Essentials and Facial Reflexology by Mariga.

This month, we are focusing on self-carerelaxation and wellness as we received a lot of requests from clients that this is what they currently need more of in their life.

Hormone Balancing


Do you wonder if your hormones are out of balance?

Or maybe you are already aware of issues such as menopause, diabetes or thyroid problems that you are already treating but would like more support with?

Our hormone assessment questionnaire can help pinpoint imbalances in your body chemistry. Read on for information about accessing your assessment today.

Where wellness and skincare meet



Inner glow.

True radiance comes from a combination of inner health and peace of mind and healthy skin cells which reflect light for that luminosity we love. Letting go of stress relaxes your facial muscles and boosts blood and lymph flow to contribute to a vibrant skin. Keeping a healthy lifestyle nourishes all the skin processes for the optimum conditions for the creation of good skin cells and a strong skin barrier.

Neuro Reflexology For Emotional Empowerment


Stress, overwhelm, lack of confidence in your choices, feeling guilty. These are all debilitating emotional states that are very common among women in our society. Social conditioning has taught us that we should be nurturers, carers, putting other people's needs and opinions above our own. While it is a beautiful thing to nurture and care for others, it should not come at the expense of fulfilling your full life's potential, whatever that looks like for you.

Enhanced Japanese Facelift


The Japanese Facelift has rapidly become your favourite hands-on facial.

Although there are great skin benefits in this fabulous treatment such as boosted nutrition and hydration from the stimulated blood flow, it is intended to be a muscle and connective tissue sculpting treatment to lift and reshape the facial contours, rather than a skin treatment.

Intensive Reflexology Course For Specific Outcomes


There are many ways to harness the powerful wellness benefits of reflexology (foot or face). It can be a regular/monthly part of your self-care to keep your body’s systems boosted, this is particularly good as regards the digestive and immune systems. You can take three or four sessions over three to four weeks to target a specific short-term problem such as after an illness, a time of particular stress or a short-term joint or back issue.

How Bio-Magnetic Therapy Works


Bio-Magnetic Therapy is used as part of an overall treatment to manage pain and other symptoms you may be experiencing.

The magnets used with the NeuroPen are scientifically crafted to work on cells and particles from the same meridian/nervous system which can clump together when there is illness in the body, causing blockages that lead to symptoms.



Over on our new Facial Reflexology Instagram account I have a little series of videos talking about our wellness treatments.

This week I answered the question – ‘Is facial reflexology a facial’?


There are several types of reflexology in common practice around the world, each having grown over thousands of years from different ancient cultures. I offer four distinct types for different needs. I have listed them below along with suggested reasons for choosing one, but we can always create a special protocol for you as your self-care journey progresses and your needs change.


Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that everything can be categorised into either Yin (divine feminine energy) or Yang (divine masculine energy). This concept also applies to time of day, and the early morning and up to noon is the time of Yin or divine feminine.


Sacred reflexology is a foot reflexology protocol created to help uplift your energetic vibrations, bringing about a sense of balance, calm and peace to your emotions.

Light, rhythmic movements are applied to specific energy points and zones of the feet to gently release stagnant energy in the body and re-establish free-flowing harmony and connections between the heart and brain,


If you have a private health insurance policy you will likely be able to claim back some or all of the cost of your Facial Reflexology or Foot Reflexology treatments here at Skin Essentials By Mariga.


So often I find that overwhelm, stress, or just being far too busy with all the commitments we take on can be the root of fatigue, low mood and irritability. To counter this I have created the anti-stress facial reflexology protocol.

Stress is the result of any long-term emotional unbalance.


In this treatment we use only natural, organic, vegan products made with Frankincense Boswellia Sacra, also known as Luban, from the Boswellia Sacra tree in Oman. This extract has been used for centuries for it’s healing, cell regenerative and immune boosting properties,


A precise blend of traditional stimulation/manipulation techniques from around the world including facial reflexology, lymph drainage, acupressure and Japanese lifting.


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