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Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ 

Deeply enhance your wellbeing, health and emotional balance with the world-leading Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ now available in Ireland.

More commonly known as a foot therapy, neuro facial reflexology has been pioneered over decades of research, study and clinical experience by the worldwide leader in the field, Lone Sorensen.

Mariga is honoured to have studied with Lone to bring this beautiful healing therapy to clients in Ireland. Having a background in complementary therapies for 30 years, including a love of foot reflexology, Mariga followed her heart to deepen her connection to the healing therapies during the last 3 years and facial reflexology was first on the list to bring to her clients. Having a special interest in female health and hormonal studies, this outstanding therapy was the perfect tool to add in order to help women of all ages through all stages of life.

In researching schools, Mariga found that all roads lead her to the Sorensensistem of facial reflex therapy for its advanced techniques blending the science of neuro-anatomy with the history of thousands of years of reflexology practices from around the world. Nothing else came close to the detail, the depth of knowledge and the genuine passion for helping people offered by the Sorensen school.

“I am genuinely excited and thrilled to bring this outstanding therapy to Ireland - from the very first treatment I was hooked by the results for my clients” - Mariga

Whether you want to support your body’s health to keep in great balance into the future, or need additional help with a specific health issue, facial reflexology is a gentle yet powerful tool to help you achieve your wellness goals.

About Lone Sorensen

Facial Reflex Therapy sorensensistem™ developed by Lone Sorensen over 40 years, can be defined as a reflex technique based on the neuro bio-chemical action resulting from the stimulation of an area or point on the face which has a general or partial effect on various areas of the entire body. Facial Reflex Therapy is based on seven steps that involve the observation and stimulation of various facial areas.

Lone Sorensen, is the Danish woman behind the world’s largest school of Facial Reflexology and Neuro Reflex therapy. She pioneers a method called Neuro-Reflex Therapy. These techniques have been developed by her and inspired by ancient techniques from different cultures. The aim is to offer very effective and natural methods to promote health and aid in rehabilitation and children’s special needs.

Lone began in 1978 to develop her concept and has been selected by O.M.H.S in Argentina, receiving 3 honors for her work. More than a thousand children have been able to benefit from the Rehabilitation Reflex Therapy Parents Home training program she established in 1988. Lone has fought a tireless battle, traveling and teaching around the World to give hopeless parents and people with health problems new tools to change their lives. 

The method Lone Sorensen use are based in different Micro systems with scientific research behind; Dr. Yamamoto (YNSA), Japan, Dr. Castillo Morales, Argentina, Dr. Wong, USA, Dr. Chau, Vietnam, Maria Perez, Argentina, Dr. J. Bossy, France.

Sorensensistem™ Concept

Throughout the years, Lone Sorensen has developed the Facial- and Hand Reflex therapy and Neuro Foot Reflex therapy Sorensensistem™, a modern variant of reflexology.

Facial Reflex therapy Sorensensistem™ was born in 1988.  Its roots date back many centuries, as it is based on a wide variety of traditions and practices. This technique combines both ancient and modern therapies, as well as knowledge of anatomy and physiology, with the potential to balance the individual on all levels, that is, physically, psychologically and energetically.

Facial Reflex Therapy Sorensensistem™ combines Chinese meridians theory and acupuncture, Tibetan Medicine,Vietnamese and South American body maps and modern science of neuroanatomy. This allows the therapist to identify imbalances in the client’s health and provides the knowledge to begin the process of healing using the body to balance these disciplines.

The International Institute

The International Institute of Neuro, Facial, hands and Foot Reflex Therapy Lone Sorensen SL was founded in 1978. It is an institution providing service in the education of Reflexology, laser therapy and anatomy.

Train In New Modalities To Enhance Your Current Treatments Or Begin A Rewarding New Career.

I am honoured to partner with the Lone Sorensen International Reflexology School to become their authorised education partner for Ireland (and beyond!).


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